David’s Country Inn Wedding || Brittany+Steven || Hackettstown, NJ

Where do I even begin with these two? I have to say that this couple has touched my life in so many ways, their story and love for each other is truly inspiring.

Brittany first contacted me a few years ago to book me for her wedding, via Instagram.  A few weeks later when we were getting dates and things organized Brittany told me she had found out she was pregnant! She and Steven were over the moon excited but decided to have their son and wait to have their wedding after he was born. So naturally, she selected her date far in advance. Once Cameron was born we got into wedding mode, but now it was a bit more fun having that little cutie with us through it all. Meeting the three of them for the first time in Miami in January was nothing short of a blast.  We travled all over the city, Cameron by our side, and had an adventure I will never forget.

Since having shared such a fun time in Miami, I knew their wedding would be even better! I was totally right! Not only did Brittany look stunning be she was as cool as a cucumber and ready to marry the love of her life. Steven was the same way, relaxed and ready see his beautiful bride. It was such an emotional day for everyone to see these two move on to their next chapter.

Watching the two of them go through so many ups and downs in the short time I have known them has been so inspiring. They are hands down some of the best parents I have ever met and they still manage to have such a strong and loving relationship.  I my mind, what else do you need in life? They made me feel like maybe I could, one day, be a parent…one day! But truly, these are two of some of the nicest and genuine people I have had the pleasure of working and I am so thankful to have been there on this day with you guys.

I hope you love and enjoy these as much as I do!