Athens, GA || Grant Hill Farms || Sarah + Patrick

Long time no see right? Well I have been enjoying my summer of pool days and white wine but this was such a great wedding to kick off my “fall season”!

How do I even begin this? Well first off let me go ahead and congratulate Mr+Mrs.Towner on one heck of a wedding! Not only was this the day that these two beautiful people got married, but it could go down in history has the nicest summer day in history. It was 85 degrees and NO humidity…when has that ever happened in the south? Never! Only for these two, and I will tell ya what…they deserved every second of it.

The Sarah+Patrick story is the one we read about growing up.  The two people who found each other and instantly became inseparable. In the best way possible too. Their story inspires, not only just in relationships, but in everyday life. I am so honored to have been through this journey with them and was able to capture them as a couple and as individuals. What I love about the both of them the most is that they are both so strong on their own, but together they are a force and could do anything together. It’s been truly amazing to be a part of.

Now that they are off in Hawaii sipping cocktails and enjoying the beach, I just had to share this incredible day with you all! I hope you enjoy and Sarah+Patrick thank you again for having me!