Vero Workshop California Promo || Type A Society

The Vero Workshop was created to bring real and raw education to the creative industry.  “Vero” meaning real in Italian, is the foundation and core values of this entire movement.  So many times, we have seen such talent in a single photographer, but their business and portfolio is nowhere near where they want it to be.  At the Vero photography workshop, we will not only provide the best creative team to curate multiple jaw-dropping editorials to build incredible content, but we will also give you the education you need to grow the business you have always dreamed of. Vero is a place where we build a strong sense of community and share the good, bad, and ugly about being in the creative industry.  We all know the struggles, long nights away from family, putting every ounce of who you are on the table, and the rejection we feel almost weekly. It is not an easy place.  Vero is a safe haven where we connect and grow with each other. That is our promise to you.

I am excited to say that we will be heading to Northern California on June 3rd-6th of this year to embark on yet another adventure. This time I have the amazing Carrie Moe, of Type A Society alongside me to style and create an unforgettable experience. Carrie’s work has been recognized around the world and her talents have made her a huge front runner in this industry.

Our sweet friend Sara Russell, of Wedding Sparrow, will be joining us on yet another Vero Workshop! Her knowledge of branding, social media, and publishing is endless and she brings new and solid information each and every time she comes to Vero.

We hope you come join us for a four-day experience that will allow you to get the real information you need to grow the business you have always wanted and build a strong sense of community to help you get there!

Styling: Type A Society

Makeup: Olga Pirmatova

Hair: Sharon Y Park

Gowns: Gossamer