Key West, FL || Travel

Key West, what a special place. Well, it’s of course special to me because I married the man of my dreams there, but there is just something about this little island that let’s all of your worries fly right out the window.

Disclaimer: You will see a lot of photos of my darling sister, but she’s beautiful so I don’t think y’all will mind too much.

Traveling always inspires me! I defiantly had a great time with my Contax shooting all of these beautiful colors. You’ll see as you scroll that we were lucky enough to not only stay at my Aunt & Uncles beautiful home but we also had the opportunity to take their boat out , with captain Robert, and explore the little islands in the Keys. Marvin Key was my absolute fave! We were 8 miles out in the middle of the ocean on this tiny little island where the water was as clear and beautiful as you’d imagine. It was heaven.

My family is big into football and having a cocktail or two, so naturally we visited the iconic Key West bar The Green Parrot. We had some old friends and some new friends meet us there to catch up and enjoy a game of pool (which I lost of course!). This is where we met Kevin. Kevin is a local Key West resident and lives with his darling on this worry free island. He is also an artist and I just had to take to opportunity to capture a few portraits of him. People always intrigue me and I am always seeking to capture the essence of a person. I felt in Kevins portrait, I nailed it. He was such a sweet and loving person and cannot wait to connect with him to show him his portraits!

I hope you enjoy my travels, we sure did have an incredible time!