Wedding Photography Mentor | Wedding Photography Workshop


Hi friends! I am so thankful that you stopped in and I cannot wait to tell you all about what I have been cooking up!

First off, I want to give you guys a little background on me and how I got into the wonderful profession of wedding photography. Going into college, I was absolutely sure that I wanted to be an educator, I was unsure of what…but I knew I had a passion for teaching others and helping others excel in anyway I could.  I got into my teaching classes and realized that maybe the education system was not the romantic idea I had in my mind, which was ok, and what was suppose to happen for me.  I will never forget the moment that my then boyfriend, now husband, and I were sitting in my parents living room and I was just distraught of the idea that my “life” passion was not what I imagined.  The thoughts and anxiety of what I was doing with my life became a quick reality, and the only thing that was going through my mind was photography….


“Photography?” Frank asked.  “Yes, it’s the only thing I could imagine doing.” I told him

“Then do it” He said!

So there I went, into the world of fine art photography…with never taking a photography class in my life.  I have to say, it was the greatest time of my life. I FINALLY felt at peace and I could stretch my creative wings…and boy did I! With each assignment I got more and more excited!

After graduating with a Bachelors of Fine Arts from Georgia Southern, I thought I was ready to take on the world. (I imagined myself standing on top of the mountain of photography with a cape on victoriously looking down upon “life”) HA! I have to say…reality hit me pretty hard!

So, great I had a degree…now what?

That’s when the education came from my sweet, darling mother who is a small business owner herself.  She took me under her wing and taught me all she could about building and growing a successful business.  Although she was there for me when I needed some tip and tricks… I my friends… also learned the hard ways.

First things first… I needed people to take pictures of! Ha, that sounds simple right? Well not so much when you have zero experience working with the general public.  So, what did I do? I passed out flyers in my area for $25 photoshoots… yes… you read that correctly… $25! The funny thing is, I didn’t get that many hits either! Naturally, my confidence was a little hurt, but I kept going. Frank (sweet hubby) suggested I run a Living Social ad… that was like Groupon, Amazon Local, etc. I baulked at it a first, but I wanted clients so… I did it! The ad ran for about a week and I sold 185 vouchers!!!! WHOA right?! My world rapidly turned upside down!!! I was doing between 3-5 photoshoots a day!! Not to mention Frank and I had just moved to North Georgia so I was traveling hours in the car.  I was tired. I was burned out. I had those thoughts of “Is this really what I want? Can I really handle this?”.  The answer was always YES! I fought through the tears… knowing they would not be my last, and came out of the holiday season with a full list of new clients!! It honestly was so overwhelming of how proud I was of myself.

I think back to that day pretty frequently. In this profession you have to have two things, passion and dedication. Not dedication in the sense of dedication by staying up all night editing… which of course you must have, but dedication to YOUR DREAM.  You have to make a promise to yourself to never give up on YOU because that will be ultimately the one that suffers the most if you don’t dedicate yourself to your craft. Secondly, passion.  If getting home from a photoshoot and plugging your cards into your computer doesn’t light a spark in you… you may want to reconsider your passion. It may sound harsh, but it’s the truth.  I have been doing this for quite sometime, getting home after midnight and walking into my office just to plug my cards in.  Maybe not all the time, but most of the time.  You have to be passionate about your work, what you’re producing, and be excited about it!!! If you are not excited about it, how will your clients be excited about it?


One of my absolute favorite photographers once said “Shoot what inspires you.”.  Plain and simple.  That was such a turning moment for me. If we are not shooting what inspires us and fuels our fires as a creative… what are we doing and how will we ever be better at our craft? Now, lets think about this… this does not mean that I get inspired by shooting certain sessions… newborn, family, bridal, whatever, but it means that with each one of those sessions I shoot for me and what inspires me… That’s how your work will grow and evolve into what YOU want it to be and what your clients will LOVE!

Ok… now that most of you are either sleeping or left after the first paragraph, I am so excited to tell you about my photography mentoring sessions. But, before we get into that, I just wanted to say that I wanted to tell you guys about me, who I am, where I came from, and what I believe makes a great artist and a successful business because that is ultimately what I want for you too! Anyway that I can help you in getting there is a true passion of mine… obviously teaching second grade did not work out for me, but helping new photographers grow their dreams into a reality is exactly where I am suppose to be!

Onto the goodies 😀 YAY!

1:1 Mentoring

Full day-$750

We start the morning with coffee (Duh!) and talks about business goals.

Where do you want to the in the next year?

What are we going to do to get you there?

Next, we will have portfolio reviews.  We will check out your photograhy website and social media accounts.  Discussions of how to talk to your ideal clients will be had, and overall branding consistency.

We will talk about building a strong creative team, and talk about finding vendors that have the same business goals.

Next, we will prep for the afternoon photoshoot that we will shoot side by side.  We will talk about posing, lighting, technique, equipment, ect.

Lastly, we will get some dinner, and chat about your overall experience and look over images taken that day!

Half Day-$400

This photography mentoring session will be about how to make your goals a reality. We will have three hours of coffee, business planning, portfolio review, branding consistency, and concrete plans to get your business on the right track.

I have to say, I am so incredibly excited about this! I cannot wait to watch your photography grow into something you never imagined!